At Boyone, we believe in being self-sufficient, dependable and ready.

So, when it came time to search for a name for our flagship power station, it was an easy choice to call it the Wombat, a small animal whose admirable qualities resonate with our company ethos.

More than just being Australia's favorite cuddly animal, Wombats are incredibly tough for their size—surviving in the wild thanks to their grit and preparation.

What's so special about the wombat?

Wombats are tough and adaptable. At home in any environment or climate, wombats are native to the rugged Australian outback. They survive and thrive in the highest mountains, hottest deserts and thickest forests.

No matter where you find yourself, the Boyone Wombat is a versatile power source that will help you get through any situation. Whether it's a brownout during a heatwave or a prolonged outage in the middle of winter, the Boyone Wombat will keep you connected.

Wombats are protective. Just like for a wombat, protecting loved ones comes second nature to you. While wombats have their marsupial pouch to keep their babies safe at all times, our customers want the peace of mind of knowing that they have a backup plan in case of the unexpected.

With a 700W 110V (Peak 1000W) inverter and 600Wh (162000mAh) of power, your family will be able to get to any appliance they want when the electricity goes out, from a cell phone charger so you can call for help to a television to pass the time.  

Wombats persevere. Wombats work hard to create a home for themselves and their relatives. Running up to 200m long and 20m underground, warrens can hold up to 100 wombats and often become places of shelter for other animals during bushfires.

Even during the worst emergency, wombats are prepared while others have nowhere to go. Likewise, the proper emergency backup power supply can turn your house from a trap when the power goes out into a secure haven for you, your family and your neighbours.  

Wombats look unassuming but pack a punch. Design matters for us. Our power stations have a sleek, pleasant look that lets them complement your other appliances. It is also more compact and several pounds lighter than competitors.

However, just like with the Australian wombat, this should not be confused with weakness. With their thick, tough hides, wombats can take even the most pushing damage nature can give. Our power stations, are perfect for taking along while camping or RVing, thanks to their scratch and crack-resistant exterior.


Don't underestimate the wombat, an unassuming animal that is a true survivor in extreme conditions. With the Boyone Wombat, you too can persevere and protect your loved ones during an emergency.