Dallas is a great place to live, work and play. It can also be an excellent place for camping. In this article, we're going to go over the best campsites near Dallas so you can have a fantastic weekend of family fun up in the north of the Lone Star State! 


Whether hiking, fishing or watersports is on your agenda, this blog post will show you where to go within a 3-hour drive. 


Just remember: Not all sites have electricity available, and it can cost up to $15 more per night extra. Bring along a power station on your trip so that you have your own portable hookup for small appliances and personal electronics. 

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  1. Mineral Wells State Park


Located just 60-90 minutes from the city, Mineral Wells State Park is a highly convenient and accessible choice to go camping near Dallas. The park is moderately sized and, with a bit of exploring, you can see almost everything inside in one day. Lake Mineral Wells has a boat ramp, and it's easy to rent boats there. You can find everything from flat-bottom rowboats or paddleboards all the way up through pontoon boats. There are also 6 fishing piers around the lake and moderate to challenging hiking trails.


  1. Eisenhower State Park


At just over an hour's drive north of Dallas, Eisenhower State Park is a popular choice for Dallasites looking to escape the city. Hike, bike or walk more than four miles of trails. Plenty of places to swim and boulder can be found here, and the park is known for its abundance of fish and wildlife. A private yacht club, the Eisenhower Yacht Club, rents out kayaks, canoes and boat slips. 


  1. Cedar Ridge Preserve & Cedar Hill State Park


Cedar Ridge Preserve is a natural habitat of 600 acres right within Dallas. Even though it's not even an hour's drive from downtown, it has about 9 miles of trails, native trees, grasses and wildflowers. Make sure to see the butterfly gardens, and be on the lookout for wild mammals, birds, insects, and reptiles. While it has only a few primitive campsites, the adjacent Cedar Hill State Park is a fantastic place for family camping because of its proximity to the city and ample facilities.  


  1. Colorado Bend State Park


If you're willing to make a more extended trip, Colorado Bend State Park—a lengthy 3-hour drive from the city—is an unforgettable camping experience near Dallas. Sitting on 5,328 acres of unspoiled wilderness, the park is known for its numerous waterfalls, caves and springs. Admire the famous Gorman Falls, take a dip in Spicewood Springs, do some fishing in the river, explore on a cave tour, and get physical on 35 miles of hiking and biking trails. 


Note: Most Colorado Bend State Park campsites do not have electricity, so make sure to come with a power station and solar panels (now less than $800 together) for a comfortable family trip. 


  1. Tyler State Park


About 2 hours east of Dallas, this popular park and camping spot features a refreshing, 64-acre spring-fed lake. However, the main attractions are the 100+ foot-high pine trees. Explore the unique Piney Woods ecosystem, native to East Texas, on over 13 miles of trails—especially memorable is the Whispering Pines Nature Trail.